Mind-Body Reset

Get Centered with Eating, Emotions, and Habits

January 15 – February 1
Sundays  & Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 pm Pacific


A gentle intensive to help you keep promises to yourself,
and make it easier for your mind and body to work in your favor.

Build momentum with six live online sessions in three weeks

Reinforce between sessions with hypnosis MP3s

Support your progress with a short self-hypnosis coaching video between each session

Lay the groundwork for sustaining change and lifetime access

“Now I enjoy eating the right foods in the right amounts. Instead of my use of food as an ineffective stress remedy, she gave me the tools to eliminate stress myself. I just got back from my annual checkup and my cholesterol is way down and I’ve lost 30 pounds. I’ve got more to lose but I’m not worrying about it at all — it’s just happening naturally.” Peter

“The reset was amazingly effective — I was really surprised that not only was it not less effective than our 1:1 sessions, it might have been even more effective. A great recharge and very helpful…” Maggie

“I loved the “Mind-Body Reset” Series. I signed up for it based on my positive experience with one-on-one hypnotherapy with Tracy, and the series wildly exceeded my expectations. I loved all the different themes – Tracy cultivated all the sessions so well and brought in supportive tools that I didn’t even know I needed. I also loved that she recorded the sessions and made them available to us afterward. I have already used them and am so happy to have such quality recordings as a part of my self-care toolkit. Thank you, Tracy!!!” Molly

Who should do this Reset?

If you’ve worked with me before, this program will be a great refresher and support for your continuing path.

If we’ve never worked together, and you’ve had no experience with hypnosis, this program will be a great place to start. This Reset may well be all you need to create the lasting shifts. 

Is this a diet?

No, it is not. 

First and foremost, this is about getting centered in your relationship with food. So, instead of burying emotions with food, or eating out of habit when you’re not hungry, you can care for yourself consistently in ways that make a difference. Addressing unconscious issues will put you in a better position to choose key shifts in nourishment, feel satisfied more easily, and shed old restrict-reward mindsets. 

All that said, if there’s an approach to healthy eating that resonates with you, and that you want to stick with, this Reset will support you.

What does this program include?
  • Six one-hour live online hypnosis sessions. Each session begins with connecting and coaching and concludes with a 25-minute hypnosis session.
  • Six MP3s for repeated listening (there is a cumulative benefit with repetition).
  • Five between-session videos with quick self-hypnosis tools to support the journey.
  • A brief prompt to prime for each session ahead.
  • A Reset Diary with graphic, written reminders of each tool, and this also gives you a place to reflect and record your insights.


What is the timing?

January 15 – February 1, 2023
Sundays and Wednesdays
6:30-7:30 pm (Pacific time, replays available)

Lifetime access to all sessions, MP3s, videos, and other materials.

“(Tracy) helped me lose 55 pounds … Not dieting, just thinking differently about food, figuring out overeating triggers, supporting the change, and promoting self-esteem. I can’t say enough about how empathetic and understanding Tracy is. I recommend her to everyone.” Joyce

Outline of the Six Sessions

Each session is recorded and you can watch on replay.
After each session you’ll also receive an MP3 of the hypnosis session,
and a video tool to use between sessions.
Before each session, you’ll receive a prompt to reflect and prepare for the upcoming meeting.

Session 1

Fresh Beginning

Brief Hypnosis 101
Engage fresh hope, creativity, and confidence.
Discard learned helplessness and cycles of discouragement.
Calmly attend to your body’s signals, invite food preferences to adjust. 

Session 2


Reset unconscious distinctions among physical, emotional, & habitual cues.
Notice becoming satisfied with healthy amounts.
Ditch regret, criticism, and obsession over food.

Session 3

Moving Beyond Hurdles

Identify obstacles and create a solution mindset.
Let go of all-or-nothing thinking.
Resolve push-pull conflicts within yourself.

Session 4

Your Heart’s Desire

Access comfort at deep levels, so substitute comforts can fall away.
Become satisfied with amounts and types of foods that bring you balance and energy.
Recalibrate your palate so you say yes to foods that benefit you.

Session 5

Mapping the Future

Create a vision for the landscape ahead with practical tools.
Look forward to gentle self-leadership, rather than rigid control.
 Invite lightness and forward momentum.

Session 6

Holding Steady

Continue forward with curiosity, optimism, and clarity.
Plan to celebrate each step forward.
When life happens, be ready to flex with resilience.