“Working with Tracy to resolve a very long-standing issue with insomnia was nothing short of miraculous.  I began sleeping better the night after our first session together.  I went from dreading bedtime – afraid of enduring another long sleepless night- to looking forward to the end of the day, confident I would enjoy a good night’s sleep.  I feel so grateful for her wisdom, expertise, professionalism and the outcome.  I am sleeping 7-8 hours a night, something I never dreamed was possible. Working with Tracy was the best decision for me.  I only wish I had found her years ago.” Resa M.

Do you find that some of your insomnia clients sleep great for a night or two and then revert? Thirty percent of adults report dealing with insomnia – so when you get consistent, long-term results, you’re opening a substantial niche for a referral-driven practice.

This course details a reliable protocol designed to resolve night wakefulness, and help your clients feel more refreshed and energized during the day. We’ll cover each phase of a flexible 3-session framework with tools to unwind the knot of wide-eyed weariness, encourage rest and REM at bedtime, and help clients feel better day or night.

Creating long-term sleep solutions has been a remarkable source of referrals for my practice, and opened doors in the health community.  Sleeping better seems to be a topic people feel happy to talk about, so clients will refer their family, friends, and co-workers. And progressive doctors take notice when their patients ask to reduce sleep medication.

Insomnia clients have made the trip to my Seattle office from Alaska, Vancouver, Spokane, and Los Angeles to work with me — I would love to refer clients to local resources.

What you’ll learn:

  • Why insomnia presents a unique challenge
  • Pre-talk to set the exhausted client’s expectation and intention
  • Tools to activate resources for change and reset the body compass
  • Changework toolbox for each session
  • Walkthrough of the 3-session framework