• Six-hour video course, edited & indexed for easy reference

• 75-page Practitioner Guide

• Printable client homework

“I highly recommend this course! Tracy brings her knowledge and experience … her unique way of teaching presents ideas and tools so they’re easy to use. Since taking her course (three years ago) sleep has become my main niche  and I enjoy supporting my clients and seeing how they become better sleepers and improve their lives.” Miri Malkin

What you’ll learn

  • Step-by-step three-session protocol for going to sleep and staying asleep
  • Pre-talk to set the exhausted client’s expectations and intention
  • The right questions to ask your client on your way into change work
  • Tools to activate resources for change and reset the body compass
  • Client-centered change-work toolbox for each session
  • How to help doctors find you and refer their patients

Bonus topics:

  • Night tooth grinding
  • Nightmares
  • Hormones and hot flashes
  • Body clock challenges (shift workers, time zone adjustments)
  • Making the most of limited sleep (new baby, doctors on call, etc.)
  • Adjusting to a CPAP
  • Sleep procrastination
  • Sleep disturbances (snoring partner, physical pain, noisy neighbors)

 “Tracy Barrett Adams’s Sleep training is one of the best hypnotherapy trainings I have ever experienced. She not only teaches valuable skills and techniques but breaks them down into actionable steps to make learning very approachable and effective. Her sleep techniques are ones I use on a weekly basis with clients to help them find more ease in getting more rest and sleep and feeling better throughout the day. Some of what you’ll learn you’ll discover you can use to help clients who experience anxiety, ruminating thoughts, and behavior changes, in addition to working with clients who need sleep support. Her training style makes learning so enjoyable and her Sleep training will leave you empowered with the knowledge and confidence to dive in and help your future clients find the joyful relief and numerous benefits that come with experiencing better sleep.”     Keridwyn Deller