For many, hypnotherapy is the key to taking control of migraines. Tracy suffered from classic and complex migraines beginning at the age of 14, and has found that adding hypnotic techniques to her migraine management strategies has resulted in virtually eliminating this problem, and she very much enjoys working with clients to gain some control and freedom.

The hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis training works best when conducted over a several weeks, with each session working with your triggers, symptoms, learning tools to practice at home.

The work includes hypnotherapy to utilize the mind-body connection:

  • encourage your body to relax restricted blood vessels
  • processes to alter the perception of pain and other sensations that accompany migraine, such as nausea.
  • powerful stress management techniques
  • sleep improvement

We’ll also discuss activities the migraines have been keeping you from engaging in, talk over how to use hypnotic techniques if you do have a migraine aura or headache.

I came to see Tracy after my neurologist prescribed medical hypnosis. At the time I was 4 months pregnant and my migraines got significantly worse. I have a 25 year history of debilitating migraines. I was in pain 80-90% of the time with very limited choices for medications due to pregnancy.  I was desperate for relief, but somewhat skeptical. After talking to Tracy I knew that she REALLY understood the suffering of the person with a 25 year history of migraines. We started working together and in just 3 sessions I was nearly pain free and equipped with tools to manage pain should it appear. As a result, I am able to eliminate pain in the very beginning before it becomes unmanageable.  And I have not been taking any meds ever since I started my sessions with Tracy. I am able to work and function and do all that I need to do in a normal day.


Quote2The tools are working, I can usually head the migraines off in about 20 minutes.”


Quote2I used to wake up to a Level 8 pain every morning. My migraines are not gone but they are better, I sometimes wake up with little or no headache and that’s huge. I just feel like I’m having more fun in life, and not so scared of the pain all the time. Also, Tracy worked with me to get rid of the sugar cravings (I am finally off sugar altogether), and over time that’s making a difference.”