An overactive alarm system quickly becomes a habit in both the mind and body, producing a cycle of anxious thoughts and feelings. Once in place, this anxious cycle can magnify and compound as the fight or flight mechanism becomes more sensitized and more easily triggered.

Hypnosis taps into the unconscious mind, where the fight or flight survival mechanism is actually housed. Sessions will focus not only on releasing the anxiety at its root, also homework to use your mind to rewire your thinking and change habituated unconscious patterns.


Quote2 We worked together for several sessions last year — I wanted to just say a big thank you for your work with me.  As you suggested, it has seemed to be very helpful at unraveling the patterns of anxiety over time. The tools that we worked on have continued to be a support and things have begun to shift over the last few months. So I just wanted to say a big thanks for your work and for the support during a challenging time in my life. It was/is much appreciated.”

R., Anxiety Client

I have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for over a decade. I’ve done extensive work that has helped me understand why I struggle in this way, but until meeting Tracy, I had not been able to make a shift towards actually changing the ongoing anxiety. I came to Tracy wanting to work on what I believed to be a fundamental inability to ever truly relax. At our very first session, I started noticing shifts not only in my awareness around relaxation but in supporting myself in ways that allowed relaxation to start happening. I feel not only much less anxiety, but to my surprise, more confidence and trust in myself. Alongside these positive results, working with Tracy herself is just a pleasure. In my work with her, she was so authentically caring and attuned to what I was trying to convey that there are times she was able to reflectively voice things in a way that resonated more closely with my experience than I have ever been able to voice myself! My heartfelt gratitude to her as I continue to slowly unwind from years of tension into a space that feels free and loving and full of possibility


I have been going to Tracy for a few years and cannot express how huge of a difference her sessions have made in my life. In just one session I felt my anxiety diminish and confidence increase. I have seen therapists in the past for depression and anxiety, and I did experience improvement overtime, but at Cornerstone I was finally provided with day-to-day tools to battle my mental distress head-on. I use the tools that Tracey has taught me almost everyday and I’ve learned to address and change my negative thinking. I highly recommend Cornerstone for anyone new to hypnotherapy as well. Tracy does a phenomenal job of teaching her clients about hypnotherapy, how it work and how you can make it work best for you