What if you could fall asleep easily and sleep through the night, getting all the restoration your body and mind need?

For those who’ve been struggling with sleep, it’s hard to even imagine being fully rested, mentally clear and focused, emotionally balanced. If you’ve been suffering from lack of sleep or low-quality sleep, you already know it’s a problem that affects all areas of life. Poor sleep creates a haze of tiredness and frustration, a raw-edge feeling that colors everything.

Whether you have trouble getting to sleep, perhaps experienced a feeling of dread even anticipating the struggle, or maybe you’re waking often or too early and felt that sinking feeling of your mind coming to full, irrevocable alert in the quiet darkness of the night.  Or perhaps you’re sleeping but facing the morning worn out from exhausting dreams.

Hypnosis provides real tools, real relief. We’ll work together to train your brain to enter a truly restful state, create subconscious triggers to allow you to quiet your mind and stay asleep, techniques to create assurance to your subconscious mind that it’s safe and good to simply rest.  My process for working with sleep has several components, all working together to train your mind and body to work together to free you from that old, tired pattern and create a way of thinking about, feeling, and experiencing rest.

…Having had little experience with hypnotherapy, Tracy made me feel comfortable immediately. She is very passionate about her practice which I love, as people who immerse themselves into things most usually are very good at them. We talked at length and Tracy not only covered the process of hypnotherapy, but also helped me to understand the how’s and why’s certain processes happen in the brain…. It was fascinating! She then helped me make the connection between some of the health issues I’ve been dealing with, and my sleeping problem – then tied it together by explaining the mind & body relationship… This was followed by a hypnotherapy treatment. After 1 successful session, I walked outside and felt noticeably different. I felt lighter, optimistic, and my thinking was clearer. My sleep began improving in the days following, and it still continues to improve as I practice what she taught me and work with the training recordings she provided. I went back a week later, and great results then, as well. My average night’s sleep has gone from 4-5 hours to 7 and I couldn’t be more pleased. Tracy Adams CHt is an extremely knowledgeable individual. I have recommended her highly & will continue to do so.”

Cleary O.


Quote2Good Morning Tracy,  Thank you for your help yesterday, I slept  better last night than I have in months and I wanted to sincerely thank you.”


Quote2I just wanted to check in and let you know I’m falling asleep well and sleeping through the night. I do not think our session for Sunday will be necessary. Thank you so much for your help! It feels so great to be well rested. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. I am so grateful.”
Sincerely, E.



Quote2 Hi Tracy, Just as you said, my sleep has been getting better. This past week I slept through the night four times and woke just three. Of those three, I was able to get back to sleep quickly and I am now feeling rested and like a different person…. Thank you for everything you did to make this possible. You are an angel.”
All the best,