Harmful Habits

While unconscious destructive habits are mentally exhausting and often physically painful, they can nevertheless become wrapped up in our sense of self. Yet skin picking, cheek biting, nail-biting, hair pulling, etc., can respond exquisitely to hypnotherapy. These habits often arise as an unconscious coping mechanism when we’re busy, distracted, stressed, or bored. The point of hypnotherapy is not simply to get better at “not doing the problem”; the work of hypnotherapy it is to resolve the  source of the problem, and offer the unconscious  mind a helpful pattern moving forward.

Because those habits are literally a surface substitute for a deeper comfort, the unconscious part of the mind most often finds relief in clearing the origin of the issue, and welcomes new,  purposeful responses to the old triggers. I find this area of my practice deeply satisfying because the shift is usually rapid, and healing takes place on multiple levels.

Please note: Conscious behaviors of intentional self-mutilation (like cutting) are outside the scope of my practice.

I had a habit of picking at any spot on my skin that wasn’t smooth. I couldn’t cover it very well. Tracy was extremely kind and easy to talk to. She explained how the hypnotherapy worked. Weirdly, I was afraid to stop picking, and Tracy helped me with that in the first session. Then we had another two sessions, and I just didn’t feel the urge, my fingers were just relaxed. and weren’t looking for anything that needed smoothing.  I was afraid it wouldn’t last so we scheduled another session for a couple of months. But as it turned out, I actually did not need that session. I still do not know how it worked so well, but Tracy is awesome, and I’m very happy with the results.

RJ, Seattle

Hair Pulling


My hair has grown out, but the main thing is how free I feel. No more covering up.

Jess H.

Nail Biting


It’s been two weeks, and every time I look at my hands, I smile. Thank you so much!

T., Seattle