Quote2 I don’t lie awake worrying, and I feel like the quality of my sleep is better. It’s been a completely positive experience and I look forward to continuing to work with Tracy.”

JM, CPAP adjustment


Quote2 Tracy’s hypnotherapy sessions were nothing short of transformational for me. She was able to think on her feet, innovate and match even my most challenging stuck places with a contagious  enthusiasm. As a result of our sessions I have moved big blocks to starting my own business and now I am on a roll!  Whenever someone asks me how it’s going I can’t help but bring up Tracy and her work with me.  I truly believe I have her to thank for all this!”

Becka, Confidence and Motivation


Quote2Tracy helped me lose 55 pounds a couple of years ago. Not dieting, just thinking differently about food, figuring out overeating triggers, supporting the change, and promoting self-esteem. I can’t say enough about how empathetic and understanding Tracy is. I recommend her to everyone.”

Joyce, Food and Body Image


Quote2Tracy is wonderful to work with. She is straightforward and grounded, and provides a very safe and nurturing space in which to explore deep levels of the psyche. Going into hypnosis for the first time felt effortless. I was very happy with the results of my sessions around issues of clarity, empowerment and sleep. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone wishing to do this kind of work.”

Ingrid, Sleep