Body & Mind Reset

Have you been feeling heavy, anxious, frustrated, or otherwise challenged?

Join me for 21 days, with support every single day.

Seven weekly live online 45-minute group sessions (we’ll meet twice each week, or you can watch the replays

A daily fun and easy 3 to 5-minute video tool (a new one will be posted each weekday of the Reset, 15 altogether)

Three ~10-minute morning hypnosis mp3s to encourage energy and set the pace for your day

Seven ~20-minute mp3s to get grounded and move forward with your goals

Here’s a sampling of feedback from members of the last Mind-Body Reset:

“The reset was amazingly effective — I was really surprised that not only was it not less effective than our 1:1 sessions, it might have been even more effective. A great recharge and very helpful in refocusing me during this extended time of unusual occurrences.” Maggie

“Tracy creates a safe environment where you will be comfortable immersing yourself in a healing environment. Her knowledge, insights and engaging personality make every session a joy.” Laurie

I loved the “Mind-Body Reset” Series. I signed up for it based on my positive experience with one-on-one hypnotherapy with Tracy, and the series wildly exceeded my expectations. I loved all the different themes- Tracy cultivated all the sessions so well and brought in supportive tools that I didn’t even know I needed. As a result, my sleep has improved and my motivation to move forward in my life in spite of the pandemic has been renewed. I also loved that she recorded the sessions and made them available to us afterward. I have already used them and am so happy to have such quality recordings as a part of my self-care toolkit. Thank you, Tracy!!! ” Molly

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Every weekday I’ll take you through a short, and light-hearted, effective hypnosis process.

Each of these unique tools will be grounded in both neuroscience and fun (really, fun).

This consistent and concentrated practice will help you detox your emotions, and quickly retrain your brain for calm, positive shifts.



Turn off the alarm, and set the direction for your day with an energizing 10-minute hypnosis recording.

Establish a pattern of dialing into your emotional and physical needs while activating healthy, balancing resources.

You’re setting a purposeful intention so you will approach the tasks and time ahead with a lighter spirit.

You’ll receive a new morning track each Sunday of the Reset.



Take care of yourself with calm and comfort at bedtime, with a relaxing 20-minute hypnosis recording.

This will help you let go of accumulated stress, and will prime your body for restorative rest.

The hypnosis will suggest the subconscious mind is free to continue opening to new solutions and healing as you sleep easily.

You’ll receive the new bedtime track after each live meeting.

Live Online Groups &

Individualized Care

Coaching: Each Saturday of the reset, I’ll email you a brief exercise to set the course for your week, and give you an opportunity to share with me your goals and obstacles. In this way, I can keep your circumstances in mind while preparing for the sessions.

Live-online group sessions: We’ll meet for 45 minutes, and in these sessions you’ll find a balance of community and privacy. The format is flexible enough so you can choose how you want to be present in the group.